Sunday, 29 November 2009

This is the life on the ocean wave - Oasis of the Seas

I know I talked about Oasis of the Seas last time, and I’m going to do so again. It’s partly because Oasis of the Seas seems to be one of the most exciting things happening within the world of cruising at the moment, and all thanks to Royal Caribbean. It’s the biggest and most expensive cruise liner ever built, costing more than £800 million, and carrying more than 5,400 passengers, with a crew of more than 2,000. The ship is 360 metres long, which makes it longer than four city blocks.

Not only is the ship impressive in terms of size, but it includes some amazing features, many of which are a first in terms of cruise ship design, with a 750-seat Greek-style amphitheatre, a shopping mall, an ice rink, a 1,300 seat indoor theatre, and the previously mentioned open-air park with real trees and plants.

The best suite available is the Royal Loft Suite which can accommodate a group of six. This suite has 141 square metres of floor space, and has a baby grand piano, indoor and outdoor dining rooms that seat eight, a private wet bar, a library and a 78 square meter balcony with its own LCD television, entertainment area and jacuzzi. The Royal Loft Suite can be connected to a Crown Loft Suite for additional room to accommodate a total of ten guests, providing192 square metres of space!

Talk about pushing the boat out!

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